by MB

Today I practiced self-kindness. I had no energy all day, and could barely get out of bed despite sleeping nine (!) hours last night. I spent all day trying to motivate myself to go to the gym, but when I finally made it there at 6:30, I paused for a moment and listened to my body.

You're tired. You're hungry. You're worn down.

Sure, you can go to the gym now. But not going isn't going to make you a bad person. You're not going to get fat overnight, you're not a failure, and you can still eat dinner (and dessert). It's one day, and you are exhausted. 

So I gave my body a break.

I can't say it was easy - I don't think I'd be typing this if it was, but I did it. And I'm still here. This heap of discomfort, loneliness, of tremendous isolation and fear, she's not going anywhere. But tonight, she's taking a break.