Out Loud: A Friday Thought

by MB

I noticed something today as I was walking down Water street, each step hurried by the winter that feels as though it will never end.

There's more of me now than there was three months ago. Probably even six months ago. 

My head reminds my body, at once frantic to conceal itself; it is ok. 

I'm still here. My legs may be slightly larger, the mass of my flesh occupies more space. My pants are a little tighter, the seams worn with stretch and age. But my legs still work, my heart and mind still love and think. I am still vulnerable. I still need.

Sometimes I think I can feel the extra weight beneath my feet, my gravitational pull stronger than it was before. I can't tell if it is magical thinking, or if perhaps it's really true. I guess it doesn't really matter. The reality is that it's a feeling, so I am going to feel it.