by MB

A collection or essays. Friends, love, pleasure, food, wine, and eclipsing smiles. 


Unmeasured by a stomach's protrusion - the outline of a belly button beneath the draped disguise of a pleat (perfectly placed) relief exhaled through the shoulderbones rolled down through the back ribs. 

By the flesh beneath her chin, bold enough to reveal her happiness in spite of it all. 

So what? So what if people feel that way, think that, value that which you do not. Then what?  

Buried beneath the pages of my story, weighed down by ink on paper - by hyperbole and metaphor, are those things which you value. 

Who would you be if no one was watching? 

Imagine we are old. Sitting here. Two old ladies and their canes, hunched over their memories of the past, grounded by the reality of the things which limit them. What would we talk about? Who would we be? 

And then what?