Being on the subway

by MB

We are like minded enough; I know how you think. 

I am afraid to be fat because it will make us different. 

You are afraid of your own emotions, she told me today.

I'm not afraid of them, she continued. In fact, I love them. They show me that you are a person, that you have feelings. You may be afraid of them, but sorry, they're still there.  

Studies have shown that even if you're uncomfortable, you are happiest when you focus yourself on being in the moment, on living in the present. Even if you're on the subway and you're miserable, bring yourself back to where you are. Don't think about the work you have or the party you're excited for. Just be there. 

You have incredible perspective. You understand things, you have great insight. Except for when it comes to yourself

You don't have to think about the future. Tomorrow doesn't matter. It will just happen. Why worry about the next steps? The next chapter? Don't think, just do.