Mindful of mindfulness

by MB

I have started to feel inundated by the recent explosion of the term "mindfulness" as it relates to health and well being. I spend so much time reading about how to be mindful, how to watch  my thoughts, and to express my emotions, that I've forgotten how to actually just sit still and BE.

I find myself so focused on needing to be mindful that I end up losing sight of the present moment, inhibiting myself from achieving any of mindfulness' positive side effects.

This is my reminder to myself to focus on the present. To be aware of my steps on the sidewalk, the overwhelming silence of keyboards typing away, the feeling I have when I wake up and just know that everything will eventually be ok.

These aren't earth-shattering moments. Many of them don't last longer than a few seconds. But they are as much a part of my present as anything else, and they matter.  They are the makings of a life - the bits and pieces of my relationships, passions, fears, and vulnerabilities. The are more than a haphazard assemblage of experiences. They are painstakingly rational choices and heartbreaking impetuous leaps. But they are all mine. And they are worth being mindful of.