by MB

Something changed for you in Bali, she observed today. This is a new phase of recovery. The wanting to figure it out, to figure your life out, to realize you are an adult tasked with the ownership of your own life.

1. I don't think I could form a relationship with someone new (platonic or romantic) where I didn't tell them about my eating disorder. Because, she reminded me today, that was part of my identity for so long. How could I possibly be open with someone and not disclose that part of myself to them? 

That's a breakthrough.

2. So if it's a one night stand, it's ok if it's just sex. But if it's something more, you want a relationship. Sex isn't enough on its own.

That's a huge breakthrough.

3. You're working on yourself. You're figuring everything out. You're facing your demons. 

That's a breakthrough. 


You're letting your emotions drive you, not your head. You need to put it away at work and let your head guide you. You feel like you should be working on this all the time but you have a job - you can't. That's ok. You're going through something.